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Biophoton Pattern Analysis

It's not easy to quickly and simply explain an analysis system based on quantum physics, mathematical algorithms and statistical evaluations... but that is EXACTLY what we are going to try and do. For more advanced explanations on the topic and in-depth research READ MORE.

The Biophoton Pattern Analysis 

As promised, let's keep things as simple and easy to follow as possible. 
The analysis is a completely non-invasive technique. Photon signals are transmitted and the reemissions of biophotons are received. The received signals return tissue specific patterns and are the foundation for the analytic process. Using various algorithms, the incoming patterns are evaluated and compared to the database of tens-of-thousands of healthy and distinct pathological photon emission patterns. A statistical evaluation of this comparison analysis follows. The results are summarized and categorized using stages of entropy as a scale. 

Ok... and what does all of that mean?

Healthy, living organisms maintain a certain level of order and structure. The body constantly works to keep that status quo intact. This is refered to as homeostasis. Smaller fluctuations are ok, sometimes even necessary, but bigger fluctuations can throw the body out of balance causing chaos. Entropy refers to the lack of order or decay of order. A possible indication for something not being in homeostasis may be an increase in entropy.

Biophoton Pattern Analysis can provide clues to small changes in the normal function and state of tissues in the body, thereby supporting the traditional approach by suggesting potential sources of issues (we love to work together with veterinarians!!!) and possibly providing additional insight into ongoing processes.

Curious to learn more without doing a total deepdive into the sciences?

Check out the Western Horse Review article on the topic.

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