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EquineFit is an innovative equine health company bringing you the latest cutting-edge analytics, nutrition and health products from around the world.


Our goal and mission is the health and happiness of our four legged partners.


Many of our products come from Europe, where they have been extensively tested and applied for years!

Our team is comprised of Doctors, an Animal Health Technician, Massage Therapist, and an Acupuncturist. We are all riders and horse lovers who have devoted our lives to the betterment of our equine friends.

Feel free to have a look around our site, email or call us with any questions, we would love to hear from you.


Field Specialist
Chief Operating Officer


Claudia studied Human Medicine at Justus-Liebig-University in Gießen, Germany before graduating in 1990 and then following her heart into the field of modern medicine.  
She worked as a practitioner for many years and in her varied positions developed a passion for helping our four legged friends.  Her love for horse has spanned a lifetime and she has always been interested in merging both traditional and alternative medicine in both humans and animals.


Her accreditations are extraordinary and are as follows:


  • Certified Acupuncturist

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Certified Leech Therapist

  • Certified Mycotherapist

  • Certified NeuroStim Practitioner

  • Metavital Practitioner​

Public Relations Officer


As the youngest member of our team Rike has accomplished many life long goals in such a short span of time.  Her love for animal health and especially horses has led her into a career as a Veterinarian Technician (2013-present day), Certified Equine Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist 

Rike is a very accomplished rider and has won many titles in High School Rodeo, BCRA (BC Rodeo association) and in 2015 qualified and competed in the World Series Team Roping in Las Vegas!

While working with clients horses she has a built in intrinsic radar for knowing where a horse is needing attention and care and through the use of our cutting edge therapies is able to analyse many sports related injuries and commonly seen ailments.

Rike lives in Cache Creek with her husband Jonah, their kids and their many rope horses and cattle dogs. She travels regularly to the Okanagan and Lower Mainland to work on clients horses.

Take a look at our Wellness Page for more of Rike's Services.

Veterinary Advisor


Max received his degree in Veterinary Medicine from LMU in Munich, Germany.
He also holds a degree in Management from Capilano University in Vancouver and attended College in Colorado and as well as Montana State University before pursuing Veterinary Medicine. 

His strengths are clearly rooted in science, research, proof and numbers; always looking to find and understand the alignment between natural approaches and modern medicine as well as their associated physical, biochemical and biomechanical mechanisms that they are based upon.


Most of his current focus has shifted towards sports physiology, rehabilitation, nutrition and recovery of equine and canine athletes and how to maximise performance without sacrificing longevity.


Max remains open to alternative methods and continuously makes every effort to further his knowledge and understanding of such methods in order to create a more holistic approach to medicine. Filtering through the hear-say so others may benefit from reliable and proven principles.

We don't leave important matters like your horse's health to chance!

He acquired the additional qualification of  Certified Equine Thermographer whilst enrolled in veterinary schooland continues to study acupuncture and the most current wound treatment techniques.

As an avid sportsman and outdoor enthusiast he is capable of evaluating an athlete's needs personally and on an individual basis.

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