What are we all about?

EquineFit stands for superior performance without sacrificing longevity! 

We pride ourselves on doing our absolute best to help you get more performance out of your horse whilst promoting optimal health.


We love to share our knowledge with you. Feel free to ask. We also work closely with veterinarians and even have one in our team.

Only a Horse in perfect Balance

can achieve its maximum Performance

Laura James

This (Equine Scanning) machine

and their knowledge are amazing!

Customer Testimonials

Sherri Belcham 

Claudia and Rike have been a wealth of knowledge for me!

They explain everything so clearly and easily!

I highly recommend their service.

Amanda Fitchett

Thank you Equine Fit for helping my mare feel better!

She is now less anxious and much calmer in the arena, on the trails and for the farrier.

I highly recommend Equine Fit.

Jody Ambler

Well worth it!
Everyone should try this!
You feel so good!

Gaylene Buff

Thank you Equine Fit for helping me find the missing link in my horse's health.

You really helped me pinpoint some issues, that really needed to be addressed.

Sofeya Smith

I've been feeding him the Charged Electrolytes, Gastric Care and Muscle supplements for about 2 months now and can honestly say what a difference they have made in his life.

It seems that he works harder and harder for me every run and puts us on top!