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goSilver® Silverelectrodes

goSilver® Silverelectrodes

This is how it works!


The antibacterial effect of silver has been known to humanity for thousands of years. You can also find a silver coating on the inside of many plasters. Colloidal silver solution can be produced by an electrolytic process in which silver molecules are dissolved in distilled water. This silver solution is seen by many alternative practitioners and in the field of alternative medicine as a healthy alternative to antibiotics.



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  • This is how it works!

    Fill distilled water into a glass vessel. Select the desired ppm concentration and water quantity and place the device on the vessel. Press the start button and relax. After the electrolysis has finished, the device automatically switches to sleep. The goSilver is next to the Colloidmaster the only device with TRUEppm technology. The device dynamically calculates the individual duration of the production, depending on the conductance of the water and the actual flowing current.


    Watch the full video here!

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