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NeuroStim Treatment

NeuroStim Treatment

Please note: This is a NeuroStim treatment, if you would like to purchase a NeuroStim Device contact us directly for further information. We'll be more than happy to help.


The NeuroStim was developed in Germany and has been used successfully on athletes for many years in Europe. When an injury occurs cells are displaced, causing the healing process to slow. The NeuroStim stimulates new cell growth for all kinds of injuries including sprains, pulled ligaments, bruising and countless other ailments. The stimulation of cells speeds up the healing process and gives instant relief in many cases.


Prices are based on 30 Minute Treatments

Rentals are also available. Please contact us directly for further information.


For further information visit the OVERO Webpage.

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  • We recommend:

    Combine a NeuroStim Treatment with the Anduvet Massage Blanket for deep tissue relaxation and regeneration

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