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Veterinary Nutrition Consultation

Veterinary Nutrition Consultation

Give your horse a performance edge, help with recovery or check and maintain healthy feed.

Do you know your horse's nutritional requirements?


Whether your horse is a professional competitor, trailride companion, living the relaxed lifestyle on your pastures, old or young, healthy or sick, or doing his/her part to earn you a living, your horse needs a complete and well-balanced diet for continued and maximum well-being (and so do you btw!)


Nutrition Consultation requires in-depth knowledge, which is why this service is offered through Equine Fit but handled by a VETERINARIAN. We wouldn't trust a weekend course on nutrition to get a job of this significance done right! 


  • Evaluate quality and components of your horse's current diet (incl. treats)
  • Create individual diets to meet your horse's requirements
  • Optimize Body Condition Score
  • Support recovery after injury or surgery
  • Diets for your horse's performance demands
  • Help alleviate symptoms of illness (Gastric ulceration being very common)
  • -> this may also include epilepsy in dogs
  • Clear up common misconceptions or myths surrounding nutrition
  • You are curious about your dog's or cat's needs? We got you covered!


Generally speaking, horses between three and sixteen years of age that have enough energy, carry good bodyweight and receive high quality and balanced feed likely won't need to have any changes made to their diets. 


If you are unsure about what you are currently feeding (and if it's a high quality feed or not), want to get the most out of your performance horse or provide it with the best feedprotocol you can, get in touch and let's talk!


Prices vary based on case to case individual demands.

  • Questions about the service (FREE)
  • Initial Consultation (10-15 minutes) ($35)
  • e-Coaching ($39 per 15 mins)
  • Quick & Easy Consultation (incl. feed protocol) ($115 - $185)
  • Advanced Dietetic Consultation ($150 - $250)
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