Winter Bundle: Immune Boost

Winter Bundle: Immune Boost

It is important to use the “off” season to keep your horses feeling good and maintained so they can perform at peak levels come spring time.


💥We’ve made these big saver PACKAGE Deal for you to help with that! ðŸ’¥


Winter Bundle: IMMUNE BOOST

Gastric Control Gold

Help your horse recover and maintain its gastric intestinal health and improve digestion, weight management and overall performance.

Omega Complete 

Maintain a strong overall immune system and cognitive function with the reducing effects of omega-3 fatty acids on oxidative stress.

A double-dose of the good stuff so you don't run short. Maybe you want to breed this Off-Season or need to address a particularly persistent inflammatory process.


Make the most of your Off-Season this year!

Valid until December 15th, 2019 and as supplies last.