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Calm & Focus

Calm & Focus

For Advanced Calming Support

Ovvet Calm &Focus is a special formula for horses that exhibit nervousness, hyperactivity or respond to environmentally induced stresses such as travel, a veterinary or farrier visit, etc.

It contains omega fatty acid, and naturally occurring antioxidants like SOD and Catalase.


Stress is a common denominator to many health problems in horses especially performance horses. Their lifestyle, work habits, diet, genetics and overall mental attitude have a lot to do with how much stress impacts on their health, but the good news is that there are effective ways of managing it.

By reducing oxidative stress using antioxidants, clinical studies have shown in their ability to, help reduce the negative impacts of stress. Through daily use, Calm & Focus may also help us to revitalize the whole body, enhance energy levels and elevate concentration and memory.

Signs of Stress in a Horse:

In horses, we often see stress manifest in cases of:

Stomach ulcers

Digestive problems

Immune compromise

Emotional vices such as bolting, pacing, pawing,

Weaving, cribbing, rearing, and much other performance disturbances.

In the equine industry, anxiety and stress are major players, resulting not only in health implications but also compromises training and overall performance potential


Calm & Focus has been tested negative for all controlled Substances by the LCH laboratories in Paris.

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  • Ingredients:

    Golden Flaxseed - ALA

    Laltide - Proprietary yeast source of nucleotides,

    peptides and amino acids

    Omega-3 fatty acids; EPA + DHA (from fish oil)

    Levucell - Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    Ganoderma lucidum

    Freeze Dried Melon rich in SOD and Catalase



    All ingredients have been tested by the LCH Labs in Paris to be free from any doping or controlled substances.

  • Serving Instructions:

    Mix the powder with a small amount of warm water and make into a paste – apply to feed. (1 scoop is approx 10g)


    Initially Feed 20g a day for the first 7 days – 2 x 10g (daily)

    After the loading period reduce to 10g per day.

    If you maintain a daily dose of 5g/ day after loading, you only need to Load 2 -3 days before competition, and or travel. If the product is used intermittently then the original recommendations of loading dose for 7 days reapplies.

    Always ensure that your Horse is well hydrated with the correct water and electrolytes before embarking upon any travel, training or competition work.

    These suggestions should be applied as directed or as advised by your veterinarian.

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