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What is an Equine Scan?

It's a computer based analyzing system which finds imbalances at the source before symptoms arise and start to cause problems.

How does an Equine Scan work? 
It is a scan that is safe, fast, free of pain and reliable. The Equine Scan uses a wave detector which is attached to the horse VIA a head set, it sends signals into your body which are then bounced back to the computer, reading your cellular data. Based on the data received by the Equine Scan, recommendations are advised during your session.

What kind of recommendations does the Equine Scan make?

  1. Direct Rebalancing - the computer can support the cell or
    particular mitochondria helping in the removal of negative issues

  2. Designing an individual health plan based on the information  
    and feedback from the Equine Scan 

  3. Nutritional recommendations

This technology is not yet considered a scientifically proven method. 

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